2-25mm Plain MDF, Melamine Faced MDF Board, UV MDF, Slotted MDF.

MDF is an engineered wood panel made from very fine wood chips and dust. It is a finer wood panel than particleboard.

It is great for engraving compared with particleboard and plywood.

MDF boards are mostly used for making melamine boards and veneer boards. More than that, MDF are also used to make laminated flooring, moulded door skin, etc.

We supply an assortment of deep-processed MDF boards including moisture resistant MDF and fire rated MDF.


Thickness2mm, 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 16mm, 18mm, 25mm
LaminationSingle Face or Both Faces
Laminate TypeMelamine Paper, Natural Veneer, Recon Veneer
FormaldehydeE1, E0, CARB P2, JAS 4 Stars
Special TreatmentFire Rated MDF, Moisture Retardant MDF, High-Density Fibreboard.

MDF Board Deep Processing

  • Melamine Faced MDF
  • Veneer Faced MDF
  • UV MDF
  • Tonge and Groove MDF
  • Slotted MDF Wall Panel
Plain MDF Board
Melamine Faced MDF
Veneer MDF
UV MDF Board
Slotted MDF Board


What is the difference between MDF and Particle Board?

MDF is made with much finer chips than the particle board.

Is MDF a plywood?

Laminated or melamine faced MDF board is considered a three-layer plywood.

What is the main use for MDF?

Melamine board furniture, laminated flooring, moulded door skin, cabinet doors.