Laser Cut Plywood

Our company is a Thai manufacturer of laser cut plywood. We produce polar core birch face laser die cutting plates.

Laser die making plywood, or laser die cutting plates, is specially developed plywood for laser die cutting applications.

It is a raw or UV coated plywood with flat surface and good machinability available in different thicknesses for laser die making.

Our laser die making plywood has improved flatness, strength and durability.

Customized sizes, thickness tolerances and thickness variance can be considered for the production of special plywood for laser cutting.

Our laser die cutting plates are actually poplar plywood on both faces with birch veneer. The poplar core is in perfect condition with no voids.

This type of plywood is good enough for other indoor uses such as furniture or decoration.


CorePoplar Veneer (Perfect hardness)
Face1. Raw Birch Veneer, Single Side UV Oiled Birch, Double Sides UV Oiled Birch
2. Recon Veneer
Size1220*2440mm (4’x8′)
Thickness12mm 15mm 18mm
Moisture Content8%-12%
Thickness Tolerance+/-0.2mm or +/-0.7mm


The whole interior is made of first-class whole piece veneer, with continuous core treatment, and the internal seam is small. The cutting speed is absolutely the fastest compared with any other product on the market.

Deformation is absolutely minimum, the internal dense gap is small, the cut is thorough, and the thickness is very uniform with a smooth surface.

Our company has successfully supplied this die-making plywood to Thai die makers and printing material wholesalers outside of Thailand.


Poplar Core Void Free
Birch Face No Oil
Oiled Birch Plywood (UV)


What is the important property for laser die making plywood?

Void-free. A void-free plywood is compatible with the laser machine and won’t cause damage to the board. The veneer should be easy to cut as well.

What are the common problems with low quality die cutting plates?

Weak bonding and voided core veneers.

What kind of surface do you recommend for die making plywood?

Natural birch veneer or recon veneer are recommended for the plywood surface. We can apply UV coating on the birch face. One side or both sides UV.

How do you make stable plywood for die making?

The material should be high grade dry veneers. The moisture content should be monitored during the plywood production.