About Us

Company introduction, values and visions, quality control and quality assurance policy.

Our company is one of the leading plywood exporters in Thailand. As a plywood manufacturer established in 2012, the company started exporting wood panels to timber and plywood wholesalers all over the world. We have delivered our plywood to South East Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America, Australia, and the Pacific Islands.

Our product range covers almost all types of plywood that are on the market. We have the capability to custom produce wood panels for different purposes. Our factories are producing phenolic film faced plywood, veneer faced plywood, melamine board and specialty plywood. Other panel products like OSB, MDF, Particle Board and LVL.

Our plywood is Trusted By Customers

Through the dedicated work of our colleagues, Our plywood has won the trust of many distinguished customers. Our customers are building material wholesalers, hardware chain stores, furniture factories, and many other products manufacturers.

Our plywood is manufactured with superior materials and exceptional care. Our production team never cuts corners and takes the time, effort, and resources necessary to ensure all our products reach high standards.

We have successfully supplied building materials and hardware stores for many years. Customers come back to us for superior product quality, competitive price, and great after-sales service.

Customers not only trust our product quality but also trust our people. Our relations with customers are unbeatable.

Vision, Mission & Values

A successful company creates value by providing super products and services to customers. At our company, we’ve got what you need—from commodity softwood plywood to fancy architectural hardwood plywood, and phenolic marine board for formwork shuttering.

We set out to build products that give our customers value and their customers’ value. We are looking to bring our customers solutions to issues that they have with quality consistency in plywood.

Our company aims to be a respected plywood supplier and wood-based panel solution provider in the global market.

Our goal is to grow sales with all of our customers.

Responsibility & Sustainability

Our plywood has a very unique source that is available to us, they are Thai poplar plantation trees that have a very short growth cycle.

We can produce incredibly stable and balanced poplar plywood with benchmark performance while protecting our ancient tropical forests.

We are proud to offer customers FSC certified plywood. FSC is a chain to control the harvest of timber. It monitors wood products from wood log form to consumer products. Our poplar and eucalyptus veneer are all harvested from legal plantations in Thailand.

Quality Control

Many companies are importing plywood from Thailand and have encountered problems.

Our plywood quality is above average levels in Thailand thanks to our dedication to this business. We are fully aware of the possible defections and have those problems prevented in most cases. Products with defects are fixed or rejected at our factory before they are dispatched.

By buying from us, you will always receive good quality plywood with a free replacement policy.